Wisr Finance

Known for providing personal loans from $5k to $50k, Wisr Finance acts as the middle man between everyday Australians and brokers. Alongside aiding Aussies with their personal debt, the company also has other ventures including WisrCredit and WisrApp.

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* Responsible for the animation not the UI design
* Responsible for the animation not the UI design

User Interface

For WisrCredit I aided in generating various ideas for what the dashboard would look like for users. It also involved creating sitemaps in order to summarise what already existed on the website. The sitemaps served as a means to analyse the current process of accepting credit users as well as testing to see whether it was efficient and effective.

WisrCredit site map
Mockup of a user’s credit score dashboard.
Another variation of displaying a user’s credit scores.

User Experience

During my time I was involved with analysing the user feedback through customer surveys, doing competitor research, and understanding the company’s processes in order to streamline them.

WISR FUND (mini case study)

One example was analysing the Wisr fund process, this involved looking at pain points and suggesting possible solutions. This began with interviewing the Wisr Fund managers, seeing their perspective on the situation. They were already aware of some issues hence why the need for the webpage redesign.

Summarised data collected.

A simplified diagram was drawn (digitised by me) to help me better understand the process.

Unfortunately because there wasn’t a tracking process of the users, Wisr managers were only able to show their perception of how the application form process occurred. Likewise due to confidentiality I was unable to contact the investors directly.

These were summarised suggestions given to the Wisr Fund managers to take into consideration with the next web page redesign.

OVERVIEWWisr provides personal loans to everyday Australians.
DATEFeb 2018 – Apr 2019
CLIENTWisr Finance Pty. Ltd.
MY ROLEUser experience, user interface, motionography, research, design