Playful Coloured Backgrounds

Each of these textures were handmade initially with black paint on paper, and image traced on Adobe Illustrator then re-coloured with bright colours. There are 24 background .pngs of these textures for the purpose of being used as a digital asset for designers to use for their own creations. You are able to purchase itContinue reading “Playful Coloured Backgrounds”

Christmas Cookies Illustration

I illustrated 9 different gingerbread cookies as well as 22 different coloured sprinkles .png images for digital Christmas decoration. These work as digital assets for a designer to use in their own work, as seen with the mockup ‘Merry Christmas Jane’. This is a purchasable asset, with bonus material inside. You can find it here ifContinue reading “Christmas Cookies Illustration”

Hello there!

Welcome to my blog. This is a place where my love for Jesus and design intersects. Design has such a broad meaning today. It can be applied to architecture, interiors, technology, products, fashion and graphics (to name a few). Graphic design particularly, is the area I’m most interested in. Within it, there are so manyContinue reading “Hello there!”